Furniture Industry Exchange

Furniture Industry Exchange

Furniture Industry Exchange is a professional business-to-business information place and will go live in 2009 to connect furniture manufacturers, retailers and industry associates on a global scale. The exchange will allow its subscribers to drive significant additional efficiencies as well as enhance sales and marketing effectiveness by:


  • Connecting furniture manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and associated parties on a global scale Providing transparency in a highly intransparent and fragmented market
  • Increasing efficiency across core processes for associated parties (including order processing, invoicing, electronic workflow support, etc.)
  • Increasing marketing and sales effectiveness for furniture manufacturers and opening new markets
  • Serving as an information tool and providing a searchable cross-manufacturer furniture catalog
  • Being the one-stop shop and information tool for the furniture industry


Contact us today and learn more about Furniture Industry Exchange and how to take advantage of the launching customer benefits.

Furniture Industry Exchange is a pure business-to-business exchange. We will not sell furniture to end customers but focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness of furniture manufacturers and retailers.

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Directory of furniture retailers world wide

  • Low cost / low risk opportunity to expand business globally

  • Contacting / Messaging functionality with retailers world wide

  • Receiving orders online from retail partners (ERP integration possible)

  • Possibility to upload furniture products into our cross-manufacturer catalog?? making it available to all our visitors

  • and many more

Benefits for

  • Directory of furniture manufacturers worldwide
  • Possibility to search our cross-manufacturer product catalog and identify new manufacturers on a global scale
  • Online ordering functionality
  • Electronic workflow support for key processes
  • Full furniture ERP / PoS software for retail store management
  • Access to industry specific services and special offers
  • and many more

Benefits for
End Users

  • Access to one of the largest and best searchable cross-manufacturer furniture catalogs
  • Identifying furniture retailers close to you who sell the product you are looking for
  • Possibility to search for furniture industry job

Benefits for Industry Associates

  • Possibility to offer your services to furniture manufacturers and retailers
  • Possibility to advertise
  • Access to overview and details of key furniture industry events
  • Possibility to recruit staff